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In this past decade, Jazz has re-introduced itself into popular song through classic or retro sounds and pop music has further entered into the Jazz songbook embracing and expanding itself to new audiences. In this spirit, the eMPathia Jazz Duo, consisting of Mafalda Minnozzi’s vocals and Paul Ricci’s guitars, is presenting the show COOL ROMANTICS. The show commemorates the duo’s third CD that captures an evolution in sound that has come full circle to go beyond a retro sonority into an adventurous improvisational dialogue that spontaneously taps into the musicians intimacy and energetic spirit depicting their unique experiences and intriguing story of life. COOL ROMANTICS arrangements present a firmly grounded beat and a fresh outlook on classic songs where groove, tempo, harmony and a carefully chosen mood that could range from innocence to wildness are all fair game for eMPathia’s dynamic repertoire that draws from many styles and from an extensive career performing in festivals, clubs and theaters in Europe, Latin America and the USA.   Mafalda’s vocal alchemy combined with Ricci’s unique evocative guitar stylings, noted in The New York Times, enable them to effortlessly transit between Samba, Bossa Nova, Swing or Blues resulting in a signature sound that ranges from a dramatic reading of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s classic “INSENSATEZ” and lesser known “CORRENTEZA” to a swinging playful trip through Paolo Conte’s “VIA CON ME” to Luigi Tenco’s “TRISTE SERA”.    Although Mafalda sings in her native Italian (“PAROLE PAROLE”, “METTI UNA SERA A CENA”, “AZZURRO”, “COME PRIMA” among many others), English (“DINDI”, “MY SHINING HOUR”, “EVERY TIME WE SAY GOODBYE”), French (“HYMNE A L’AMOUR” and Django Reinhardt’s “NUAGES” get bluesy readings) and Portuguese (songs by JOBIM, IVAN LINS and CARLOS LYRA), the common language of the duo in concert is in the dialogue between the two where the lines between the guitar and voice are blurred, suggesting other instruments for a larger sonic landscape.   Their many live performances have thrilled audiences with their identifiable singular sound where Ricci’s guitar breathes around the many colors of Mafalda’s spirited voice reflecting the emotions of the performers and provoking the emotions of the listener to summon up the “cool romantic” in everyone.INFO:


Sunday May 21st, 2017,

08:00 PM – 10:30 PM

Address: Via del Progresso, 2A, 63821 Porto Sant’Elpidio FM

 Phone: 0039 329 266 4609